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Cake 0 Emission AB, corporate registration number 559014-2682, a corporation duly organized and validly existing under the laws of Sweden, hereinafter referred to as CAKE, is a manufacturer and developer of electric motorbikes, components and associated gear. CAKE may sometimes refer to as ‘us’ in the Terms and Conditions.

General terms and conditions are meant to regulate our users at ridecake.com. Their validity extends to future transactions with CAKE as well as visits to ridecake.com. The right to revise terms and conditions remains with CAKE. Users are requested to keep themselves updated with changes by checking the updated dates placed at the end of terms and conditions.

ridecake.com at times performs and concerns with services mediated by outside organization. In such cases, CAKE acts as an intermediary therefore not responsible for errors resulting from those organization activities. CAKE is not liable for damages arising from using the site or not- for any damaged caused by using the site or for that matter not being able to use the site. Like any business, CAKE can’t promise a website free of problems and some security concerns.

Violation of rules
CAKE seeks justice in the event of violation of the terms and conditions. Therefore, persons found guilty of any offense concerning the preserved rights are prosecuted.

Violation of terms and conditions grants CAKE the right to look for law and equitable remedies that may involve restricting the offender right to access the site. Violating password-protected area may call for court charges.

CAKE Trademarks
CAKE trademarks include CAKE font, CAKE logo, CAKE logo and typo, CAKE components, trailsavers and CAKE Ace. Clients are advised to use these materials for personal use but not for commercial purposes. Provided the copyright permission notice is included in the documents, clients may download, print, and store copies of the materials for personal use. No charging, no publishing, no transmit or distribution without permission from CAKE is allowed. No modification in any way of the material without documented permission from the owner. Exceptional cases would be in line with the legal notice of no rights or licenses to the article, or any portion thereof shall be granted or implied. You may visit our contact pages for press inquiries.

Force Majeure
The contract between CAKE and you is not permanent and can be terminated by either party. The force factors may take the form of civil wars, government regulations, industrial unrest, and electricity failure amongst other factors not forgetting natural disasters that are beyond the firm’s control. In the event of such unavoidable circumstances, CAKE’s obligations are put off and try our level best to solve the matter generally and as quick as possible.

Governing Law
CAKE works and operate within the Swedish laws. Therefore, a client should agree to involve Swedish courts to decide during any conflict. There might be a disparity in laws between your country and Sweden which then may require you to understand the Swedish legal requirement before using the website. Clients should, therefore, comply with local as well as international laws and regulations concerning using the website.

All personal information saved at Ridecake.com will be handled with most care.

Clients’ personal information is highly confidential, and no third parties have access to them other than Ridecake.com and the client. The personal information saved will be used only to ensure the client gets the full good services provided by the Ridecake.com. The information will be for informing the clients about the special offers offered by ridecake.com as well as marketing activities.

Third party access to clients’ personal information is only after high necessity to fulfill the above-described purposes. Clients have the option not to be notified by CAKE during registration to the website.

To stop receiving information from CAKE, send an email to order@Ridecake.com and a brief description of the problem.
To request the kind of information kept in the system, one may send a request email to order@Ridecake.com. In case of any complaint regarding the information, an individual has the right to have the information deleted or corrected. Customers using cards for payment are conditioned for validity checks. CAKE, therefore, has the right to hold orders in case of security concerns.

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